Thursday, November 17, 2011

The First Christmas Item!

Here's the very first Christmas item that I have put into my shop:

Seems he put on a few in the off-season this year, and he'd like to just hang out with you for the holidays instead of traveling the world this Christmas Eve. He sits about 3 inches tall, and has tiny little antlers. I used just a little bit of glitter fiber for his nose, so it's just the slightest bit sparkly!

I wanted to also let everyone know that pretty much any of my needle felted items can be made into Christmas tree ornaments. I can add a little embroidery floss loop to hang them with for no extra charge! Get your cute needle felted fix over the holidays by having them as ornaments. And after the holidays if you love them too much to pack them back up, but don't want the hangers left on them, you can just snip the floss and they can reside on your shelf or desk year round!

There will be plenty more holiday creations to choose from soon. Including some red and green acorns!