Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More new listings on Zibbet!

Most of these items that I'll be listing are probably repeats, I'm moving a few of my items from Etsy over to my new Zibbet shop. But they are still as cute and still looking for new homes :)

Do you love cardinals? This needle felted red bird could be your new buddy-

And I hope it's not too early to see some christmas cuteness for you, because this little guy is feeling a little left out and lonely. Needle felted red-nosed reindeer-

As always, more to come! I have some more things planned for christmas and holiday items. 

Also, have you seen this great game? Glitch? I think people who are creative maybe enjoy this game a little more. But anyways, I like it so much I've been working on a couple little things from the game :)

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