Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall, Autumn, Harvest, Halloween!

Call it what you like, here is the beginning of the holiday trimmings! We have a few pumpkin sets, a jack o lantern, and a scary ghost! :O

Here they are~

The smaller pumpkin set (these guys are really teeny):


And the ghost!!

Soon I'm hoping to finish up some fall skinny scarves (more for looks than warmth), and there's a harvest stumpwork embroidery in the works, but with orders and life it's taking a little longer than expected. Maybe some sneak peeks of it soon :)

Also, for those interested, there will be a step-by-step of sorts of needle felting soon. It would have been up with or nearer this post, but I kept forgetting to take pictures while working. It's funny how it's so easy to get caught up and go too far, and there's really no going back with needle felting lol.

See you next time!!

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