Monday, August 22, 2011

Introductions and Beginnings

I decided that now is a good as time as any to start branching out for my Etsy shop. I've made a couple sales and have been thinking of more ways to get the word out, and this seems like a good way to (and also a way that I already understand the ins and outs of using). So here it is!

Copach Flur on Etsy

I'll be posting the happenings of what is new to the shop, things that maybe have fallen down in the listing and maybe need some notice, or what is going on in general with me and the shop. I would expect weekly postings, as I don't always have activity every single day.

Some other places that I might talk about are my mom's Etsy shop:
Art from our House
and her blog:
Mythographer's Keyhole

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