Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Hey!

So next week will start with a post about some autumn/harvest items, and maybe even a few Halloween ones! The holidays are coming! But for now...

We have some items that have been in the shop for a bit and are feeling lonely. Come take a peek at them and pay them a visit!

We have a few embroideries, and a couple needle feltings~

A heart embroidery:

A flower with a tiny bee:

A simple love embroidery:

And here's a really cute bunny with a green jacket:

And this mermaid, she sits on her own needle felted rock:

And a sneak "peek" (I say "peek" because I'm not really showing any pictures to see.. lol) of what's to come for the beginning of the holidays... tiny needle felted pumpkin sets, needle felted leaves, autumn themed embroidery... hmmm maybe needle felted ghosts?? I haven't decided if there will be any plushies that are fall or halloween themed. We'll see :D

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